Unexpected Development is the twenty-seventh-published Dreams of Control story, first published on Smashwords in March 2015. It is the fifth and final book in the "Lucky Break" series and the sequel to Shooting On Location.


Amateur photographer Sean Dunston got a lucky break when one of his studio lights accidentally gained the ability to make models slip into a trance. His stage directions became so real that the models followed them even after the sessions ended - and the results were sexy fun for all. Now, though, he's discovered that he wants more than just no-strings-attached sex from the beautiful Katrina. They've really hit it off, and not just in bed.

But having the power to make beautiful women follow your every command is a hard one to give up. When he can't resist the temptation to use the strobe on a gorgeous blonde Valkyrie named Brigitt, he realizes that he's going to have to choose between love and the seductive power of the strobe.

Or will he?

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