Sugar babies cover 600

Cover of the ebook version of "Sugar Daddy."

Sugar Babies is the twentieth-published Dreams of Control story, first published on Amazon in November 2013. It is a sequel to Sugar Daddy.


College dropout Olivia followed her friend Lena's advice and found a "sugar daddy" online to help her try to get her life together and have some fun. But before she knew it, one of his presents - some special candies - have made her the most compliant sugar baby ever.

Edwin finds out about Olivia's hot friend and decides he can fit another sugar baby into his busy schedule. This time it's Olivia's turn to use the candies on somebody… and she decides that Edwin's not the only one who's gong to have some fun with the beautiful redhead. Before Lena knows what's happening both Olivia and Edwin are using her body and her mind for their own pleasure - but they're giving her plenty in return!

Connections to Other Dreams of Control StoriesEdit

This book is a sequel to Sugar Daddy, although it is much longer. The candies used by Olivia contain the super-will-surpressant created by Dr. Adrian Parker, the main character of At His Discretion.

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