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Stage Show Sunday 
is the twenty-eighth-published Dreams of Control story, first published on Amazon in March 2015. It is the fourth book in the "Little Black Box" series and the sequel to Freaky Friday .


The man with the little black box is back again... only this time he hasn't got a little black box!

At the Silver Sands in fabulous Las Vegas, a new show has the whole place buzzing. Mysterious posters announce "The World's Greatest Hypnotist" will be performing this Sunday night only. Bride-to-be Samantha gets talked into going to the new show by her maid of honor Martha, and she and her bridesmaids will never believe what comes next!  It seems the whole theater is rigged with those clever little black boxes, and soon every single person in the audience is part of the show. From couples trading spouses with hilarious results to shy Samantha being granted her fondest and sexiest wish by the World's Greatest Hypnotist, you'll have to see the show - or at least read about it - to believe it!

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