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Cover of "Massage Monday" by Marc Cabot.

Massage Monday
is the twenty-fifth published Dreams of Control story, first published on Amazon in January 2015. It is the second book in the Little Black Box series. It follows Sorority Saturday and is followed by Freaky Friday.


George Madison is an ordinary guy who just hurt his back a little playing basketball. When the pain just won't ease up, his sports doctor wants him to try massage therapy. She assures him that it's entirely legit, but George is nervous about going to a "massage parlor."

It turns out that the lovely massage therapists at the clinic are completely professional. One of George's fellow patients goes out of his way to reassure him that they only want to help. When he explains it with the help of his mysterious little black box, both George and the massage therapists start to understand that sometimes you just need to relieve some tension. And soon both George and the owner of the little black box are being worked over by beautiful, naked therapists who'll do anything to make sure that they leave relaxed and happy.

It's all very professional, of course.

(Erotic mind control, maledom, massage, threesome)


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