This is a list of all of the currently-available Dreams of Control books. They are listed in publication order, although if books are part of a series, the entire series is listed together, with their place in the list determined by the date of publication of the first book in the series.

Awakening Edit

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The Ultimate Icebreaker Edit

The Shape of Her Desires Edit

Lucky Break Series Edit

At His Discretion Edit

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Collections Edit

Several Dreams of Control collections are available, containing either similarly themed stories, or complete series.

Better Loving Through Chemistry: A Dreams of Control Anthology Edit

Collects the science-fiction/chemistry themed stories The Ultimate Icebreaker, The Shape of Her Desires, and At His Discretion.

Love Spells: Three Dreams of Control Edit

Collects the magic-themed stories And All His Heart's Desires, A Matter of Truth, and Awakening.

The First Two Are Free Edit

Collects the short stories Caught in His Web and His Lucky Break.

Sean's Big Break Edit

Collects the His Lucky Break series in one book.

Marc Cabot's Other Work Edit

Cabot has published two other works of erotic fiction, The Reunion and Best in Breed.

The Reunion Edit

The Reunion is a work of contemporary erotica, with strong themes of dominance and submission (and some very mild discipline) but no actual mind control. It tells the story of a woman who attends her tenth high-school reunion and meets the mysterious husband of a former friend. More information is available here: The Reunion on

Best in Breed Edit

Best in Breed is set in an alternate universe ("Call it the Universe Next Door," as the introduction notes) and is thus not part of the Dreams of Control canon universe, though it explores similar themes. Beautiful cat-girls, strange magics, and an ancient and deadly conspiracy revealed at last make up the story of Best in Breed. More information is available here: Best in Breed on