Inhiskiss 600

Ebook cover of "In His Kiss"

In His Kiss is the twenty-fourth published Dreams of Control story, first published on Amazon in August 2014. It is the first book in the Kissing Bandit series.


Veronica Washington, gorgeous geek and canny cosplayer, is at MiCon, having a wonderful time. Then she meets Steve, the "Kissing Bandit," whose simple costume and nerdy but handsome exterior conceal a dark secret. By the time Veronica figures out what's happening, it's too late… and the Kissing Bandit has stolen far more than a kiss. He's stolen her very mind…

The question is, will she ever want it back? Or will she become the Bandit's new partner in crime?


Neither of the cons (science-fiction conventions) referred to in the story actually exist.

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