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Cover of the ebook version of "Hell To Pay: Halloween Dreams."

Hell to Pay: Halloween Dreams is the thirteenth-published Dreams of Control story, first published on Amazon in February 2013. It is the second book in the "Hell to Pay" series and a "tweenquel" to Hell to Pay. It takes place during the events of Hell to Pay. It is followed by another tweenquel, Hell to Pay: Carnival of Lust.


Simon Marshall and Lily the Succubus are off to the best Halloween party in the US - the Vampire's Ball. For once, Lily can strut her stuff and really show off what it means to be a sex demon!

After whetting their carnal appetites with the beautiful Estrella, Simon and Lily are off, hunting a playmate - for once, another man for Lily - and encountering a mysterious stranger who reminds Simon just how little he knows about the world of magic and danger he's fallen into by chance. Lily's got her eye on Michael the gorgeous Afro-French DJ and Simon's just along for the ride... assuming things stay on the rails!

Connections to other Dreams of Control StoriesEdit

We first learn that magicians can summon demons in the Dreams of Control universe in A Matter of Trust. Stefan, the protagonist of that book, makes an extensive appearance during the party scene of Halloween Dreams. Estrella, the woman Simon and Lily meet in the hotel bar, is referred to when Lily recites some of the "benefits" Simon has gotten from her in Carnival of Lust.

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