Give the Devil Her Due is the twenty-ninth published Dreams of Control story, first published on Amazon in June 2015. It collects the three Hell to Pay novellas as well as over twenty-five thousand words of new material in novel form.

Plot Edit

Simon Marshall was a trust-fund playboy enjoying the good life that being handsome, smart, and rich can bring. Then he met Irena, the beautiful Czech club girl who turned out to be a lot more than she seemed. When the dust settled, Irena was dead and Simon found himself thrust into the world of the supernatural without a clue as to how to survive there. And when Simon's experiments lead to his summoning a succubus named Lily, the temptation proved too great. Now she's his for a year - and then his soul is hers forever.

Simon and Lily have the world at their feet and their choice of exotic playmates. Lily can give Simon anything - or anyone - he wants, and the erotic possibilities are unlimited. Between Simon's wealth and Lily's power, they're off on a sexy version of "Around the World in Eighty Days." But both of them know the clock is ticking. Both of them will find that what they thought they wanted won't seem so important when lust turns to love even in the heart of a demon. And maybe, just maybe, they can find a way to change their destinies.

Even if there is a way out, though, there's still the small matter of Lily's boss - the Devil Himself. He's not amused by the attempts of mere mortals to thwart him, especially for something like... Love. Can Simon and Lily ever be safe from the wrath of the Lord of the Pit?

Or will the Devil's Huntsman find a way to collect from both of them?

Connections to other Dreams of Control Stories Edit

We first learn that magicians can summon demons in the Dreams of Control universe in A Matter of Trust. Stefan, the main character of that book, plays a key role in Give the Devil Her Due.

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