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Cover of the ebook version of "Dream a Little Dream."

Dream a Little Dream is the twelfth published Dreams of Control story, first published on Amazon in January 2013.

It is the first story to be available as an audiobook, first released on Audible in June 2014. This story is narrated by Marc Cabot .


Brian Cartwright has it all. Almost. His beautiful wife loves him and they have a pleasant life... but there are a few flies in the ointment.

One, Cindy gets terrible headaches that put her in bed for days at a time. Two, even when she's not sick, Cindy's not as... enthusiastic as she could be in the bedroom.  But Brian's determined to find a way to help her. And his discovery of the many uses of hypnosis may turn out to be the solution to both problems. Before long Cindy's so relaxed her headaches don't stand a chance. And soon after that, the rest of her starts feeling even better!

Realistic HypnosisEdit

The text of the work contains a fairly realistic hypnotic induction scene and examples of erotic post-hypnotic suggestions. Although the work exaggerates the power of hypnosis, it serves as an introduction to the idea of erotic hypnosis in "real life" play.

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