Cover of Awakening.

Awakening is the first-published Dreams of Control story, first published on Amazon in August 2011. The work is a novella of approximately 20,000 words.


While on a business trip to Salem, Massachusetts, protagonist David finds an antique box buried in sand on the beach. Opening it in his hotel room, he finds a sealed glass bottle inside which in turn contains a trapped Djinn (genie.) Believing that he is dreaming, David takes the genie up on his offer of a single wish, wishing for the power to command others to do whatever he wants. The genie grants this wish subject to some technical conditions required by the limitations of his power.

Still thinking that he is dreaming, David seduces the desk clerk at the hotel. Upon awakening the next day, he finds her still in bed with him, and experiences the shocking revelation that the events of the previous day were not a dream. The rest of the book details David's return home, his seduction of a flight attendant on the airplane, and attempting to understand his new power, which has staggering implications.


Pat Powers, author of The Hottitude of Servitude, reviewed Awakening in July of 2012 and called it:

"... a good, steamy, fast read that rolled right along."


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